Mellik shares his musical narratives often entwined in the truthful complications of love and queerness wherever he may be residing, whether that is in Denver or his childhood hometown in Connecticut. He can be found singing and strumming in intimate settings, from the college coffee house or the summer backyard venue.


Mellik graduated from the University of Denver in 2018 with a degree in Environmental Science. He is now pursuing a career in music while continuing his work in the sciences, as he spends the next year working as a Student Technician at the National Ice Core Facility. 


Mellik holds a highly anticipated annual music showcase, performed on a constructed backyard stage. He brings family and unlikely friends together to listen to not only his new projects, but also the most recent works his talented friends. His close-knit family and their love of artists like Paul Simon, McCartney, Cat Stevens, Steely Dan and Supertramp are roots for his understanding of song-writing and composition.

During his time at the University, he had the opportunity to study and travel to Europe and Latin America, which has greatly impacted his musical creativity and his worldview as a whole. Throughout college he was oftentimes accompanied by his band Mel ‘n Heads, where eclectic folk was transformed into syncopated alternative pop that finds roots within blues, jazz and bluegrass.


Currently, Mellik works to find a more eclectic sound through collaborations with solo artists and experimentation with his new vocal range. In his upcoming projects, he hopes to capture the vulnerability of transitioning and masculinity. The goal being to expose the rawness of hegemony, and its impact on not only those less privileged but also the environment as whole.  

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